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List your items on eBay international sites, manage orders and optimize shipping

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eBaymag is an effective way...

To manage your listings

Import existing eBay listings or create new ones — one by one or in bulk

To sell items abroad

List your items on 8 eBay sites:,, and others. Your listings will be translated into the appropriate language automatically

To coordinate orders routine

Combine items into a single shipment or split items into multiple shipments in a way that is good for both you and the buyer

To reach out to new shoppers

39 mln buyers in Great Britain, 23 mln in Germany, 6 mln in Italy, and 4.5 mln in France can purchase from you tomorrow

Simple solution to increase sales

133 million active shoppers worldwide will see your listings

Get started in 3 steps:

1Sign in with eBay account

2Add listings and manage them easily

3Ship orders worldwide and make a profit

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How eBayMag helps sellers

"I had been thinking for a long time about how to increase sales on eBay until I found eBaymag

Now I've been using the platform for two years. I can quickly and comfortably export listings to 6 different eBay platforms. But the biggest upside is the Support. I quickly get answers from professionals with various problem-solving options."

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Cool_Trend_4You | eBay seller from Lithuania

"eBaymag helped us open up new markets in the U.S., Europe, Asia – and be successful

We've had team support from the beginning and seen progress. There were some challenges, but we overcame them — and it was all worth it! Keep working, move onward and upward!"

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tottiothug | eBay seller from Bulgaria

"Thanks to eBaymag, I've increased sales up to about 30%

The tool is a great opportunity to reach more buyers with different needs. What sells well on one international site may not even be seen on another one! And many buyers are shopping on international sites. eBaymag gives me a good chance to reach them as well!"

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w5556-4 | eBay seller from Russia
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Still have questions?

If you need more information about eBaymag, consult the FAQ page or the eBaymag Help Center
eBay can still charge insertion fees, if you exceed your monthly zero insertion fee listings allotment. Learn more
eBaymag posts only listings that are not legally restricted and/or do not violate eBay's rules.
You can switch back to sales via the standard eBay interface anytime after eBaymag activation.